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American Watercolor Society
Transparent Watercolor Society
Acrylic Painters U-S-A
Central Florida Watercolor Society
Citrus Watercolor Society
Florida Watercolor Society
Georgia Watercolor Society
Louisiana Watercolor Society
Southern Watercolor Society
Tallahassee Watercolor Society
Visual Arts Association

Originally from Rhode Island, Nancy and her husband currently reside in The Villages, Florida.

The artistic challenges to her creativity and originality are what she enjoys the most. Nancy finds inspiration from everywhere, trying to see the world differently and looking for interesting angles or unique perspectives while striving to create something uncommon and challenging.

“I enjoy telling stories using shapes, values and colors that are exciting and interesting. Not having anything recognizable just adds to the challenge. Creating layers and dimension with transparent watercolor allows me to use my instinct to shape the story and direction of my painting.” Nancy Dias

  • Signature Member Status: 
    • Florida Watercolor Society
    • Tallahassee Watercolor Society
    • Acrylic Painters USA


Artists Magazine First Place Annual Art Competition Exhibition Abstract Division – 2019 Short Circuit


  • FWS Annual Exhibition – 2020 Odyssey, 2018 Short Circuit, 2016 Exploration
  • FWS Online Show – 2019 Tilting at Windmills, 2018 Kaleidoscope, 2016 Joy, 2015 Discovery “First Place”, 2014 Autumn Spray, 2013 Interlude, 2012 Journey
  • TaWS Tri State Exhibition – 2021 Point of View, 2019 Short Circuit 3rd “Award of Excellence”, 2018 Kaleidoscope,
  • TaWS Brush Strokes Member Exhibition – 2020 Endeavor, 2019 Energy “Honorable Mention”, and Tilting at Windmills, 2018 Respite at Palmetto Bluff
  • GWS Member Exhibition – 2021 Energy-2020 Tilting at Windmills, 2019 Kaleidoscope
  • LWS Annual International Exhibition – 2021 Short Circuit, 2020 Endeavor
  • SWS Annual Exhibition – 2020 Tilting At Windmills
  • CFWS Annual Exhibition –2021 Fantasy Garden, 2020 Respite at Palmetto Bluff, 2019 Short Circuit “Award of Merit”, and Kaleidoscope
  • • Acrylic Painters USA Juried Exhibition- 2021 New Beginning – 2019 On Set
  • Leesburg Art Association – 2017 Exploration “Honorable Mention”, 2016 Discovery “Best In Show”
  • Ocala Art Group Toast to the Arts Appleton Museum – 2016 Discovery “Honorable Mention”, 2013 Lacey Tree Philodendron
  • Visual Arts Association – 2016 Magnolia Spry Honorable Mention, 2015 Exploration Honorable Mention, 2015 Endurance 3rd Place, 2014 Autumn Spray Award of Merit, 2013 Interlude award of Merit, 2012 Journey Award of Merit, 2011 Lacey Tree Philodendron Honorable Mention, 2011 Autumn Spray 2nd Place, 2010 Showing Off 2nd Place, 2008 Brown Derby 2nd Place, 2007 Thailand Parrot Flowers Honorable Mention, 2006 & 2005 Endurance Honorable Mention, 2005 Firefighters…Heroes Among Us Award of Distinction, 2005 Polo Gear First Place, 2004 Polo Heaven People’s Choice
  • The Villages, FL purchased for permanent collection – 2017 magnolia Spray, 2015 Evening Star 6×7 Mural, 2004 Polo Heaven, Butterscotch Baby, Buffalo off to School, and Buffalo in the Library.
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